Twig Slipknot

He may be small but he has a giant heart.


NAME: Twig Slipknot
RACE: Kender
CLASS: Barbarian
Armor ClassPhysical DefenseMental Defense
Hit PointsRecoveriesRecovery Roll
Melee1d20 + 74d10+34
Ranged1d20 + 64d6 + 20


Kid Moe 4
Still Welcome in North Dakota and Arizona 2
Income: Whatever I Finds, I Keeps 2

Class Features

Barbarian Rage
Once per day as a quick action, you may start raging. Roll 2d20 for all hits and take the highest roll. If both are natural 11+ and the highest roll hits, it is a critical hit. This power can be recharged after battle by rolling 1d20 and adding the CON modifier; on 16+ it can be used again later that day.

Racial Benefits

Small Size
Gain +2 to AC for attacks of opportunity.
Once per battle, if the enemy’s hit is successful you can force them to reroll an attack at -2 penalty.

Adventurer Tier Talents

Barbaric Cleave
Once per battle as a free action, make another barbarian melee attack after you have dropped a non-mook foe to 0HP with a barbarian melee attack. (Dropping the last mook of a mob also qualifies you to use Barbaric Cleave.)
Building Frenzy
One battle per day, as a free action after you have missed with an attack, deal +1d4 damage with your melee attacks until the end of the battle. Deal +1d4 addititonal damage each time one of your attacks misses, up to a maximum of +4d4 damage.
Your recovery dice are d12s instead of d10s like other barbarians.


1Building Frenzy Adventurer Feat
Bonus damage dice are now d6s.
2Barbaric Cleave Adventurer Feat
You gain + 2 attack bonus with Barbaric Cleave attacks. If the cleave attack hits, you can heal using a recovery.
3Strongheart Adventurer Feat
Increase your total number of recoveries by 1.
4Barbaric Rage Adventurer Feat
Whenever the escalation die is 4+, as a quick action, you can start raging for free (it doesn’t count against your normal usage). This rage lasts until the end of the battle, as normal.


Twig Slipknot

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