Stunning Star of Stage sent on sinister shenanigans to save her spellbound sister.


outdated sheet.
NAME: “Cat” Caterina
RACE: Human
CLASS: Bard 4

Melee81d8 + 44
Ranged81d4 + 4

One Unique Thing:
The most famous Bard in Solamnia (!)

Icon Relationships:

Star of Stage and Song 4
Acrobat: 3
Hellraiser: 2
A friend in every town: 1

Class Features:
Barding Song
Battle Cries

Swashbuckler- Spend momentum to attempt swashbuckling stunt.
Battle Skald- Gain extra Battle Cry; (feat) Once per day can use battle cry effect on self.
Jack of Spells- Jacked Disguise Self from WIzard.

Battle Skald adv.
Pull It Together adv.
Its All Yours adv.
Extra Backgroud adv.
Battle Cries adv.

Racial Power:
Quick to Fight: Roll 2d20 take highest for initiative.

Battle Cries:
Pull It Together!
Flexible melee attack
Triggering Roll: Natural 11+; use only twice per battle
Effect: One nearby ally can heal using a recovery.
Adventurer Feat: The target adds +1d4 healing per point on the escalation die

Move It!
Flexible melee attack
Triggering Roll: Natural even roll
Effect: Choose one: One of your unengaged allies can move as a
free action; OR one of your engaged allies can make a disengage
check as a free action.

It’s All Yours!
Flexible melee attack
Triggering Roll: Natural even miss
Effect: This battle, your next ally to attack the target you missed
gains a +2 attack bonus with that attack.
Adventurer Feat: That ally’s attack also deals +1d6 damage.

Take Heart!
Flexible melee attack
Triggering Roll: Any hit
Effect: Choose a nearby ally. That ally can roll a save against a save
ends effect; OR roll a normal save against a condition that has a
duration that lasts until the end or beginning of a turn.

Spells & Songs

Charm Person
Ranged spell
Target: One nearby creature with 40 hp or fewer
Special: This spell cannot be cast in combat or on a target that
has rolled initiative to fight.
Attack: Charisma + Level vs. MD
Hit: The target believes you are their friend until you or your
allies take hostile action against them (attacking their normal
allies is okay). The spell works best as a type of pacifier; if you
or your allies attack the target or order the target to attack its
normal allies, the target can roll a normal save to break the
charm effect during its turn each round.
Special: On a miss, the spell is not detectible by most others
unless you miss by 4+ or roll a natural 1, in which case the
target and its allies knows what you tried to do and will usually
be angry about it.
3 rd level spell Target with 64 hp or fewer.

Song of Spilt Blood
Bardic song
Quick action each turn; 6+ to sustain
Opening & Sustained Effect: Any attack against you takes a
penalty equal to the number of your allies in the battle who
have more hit points than you.
Final Verse: The effect ends immediately, and you or one ally of
your choice can heal using a recovery.
3 rd level song Sustain the song on a 4+

Song of Heroes
Bardic song
Recharge 11+ after battle
Quick action each turn; 11+ to sustain
Opening & Sustained Effect: You and your nearby allies gain a
+1 attack bonus until the start of your next turn.
Final Verse: The effect ends immediately, but one ally of your
choice gains a +2 bonus to their next attack roll this battle.
3 rd level song The effect also provides a +1 bonus to saves.

Vicious Mockery
Ranged spell
Recharge 11+ after battle
Target: One nearby enemy
Attack: Charisma + Level vs. MD
Hit: 6d6 + Charisma psychic damage, and until the end of your
next turn, when the target misses with one of its attacks, it
takes half the damage its attack would have dealt.
Miss: Damage equal to your level.
5 th level spell 9d6 damage.

Utility: Disguise Self
Close-quarters spell
Effect: This spell provides you with an effective magical disguise
that lasts about ten minutes, making the skill check to avoid
unmasking one step easier: easy if it would have been a normal
task, normal if it would have been a hard task, and hard if it
would have been a ridiculously hard task. The spell only affects
your general appearance, not your size. It can be used to hide
your features behind the generic features of another person
or race. Using it to impersonate a specific creature makes it
less effective as a disguise—GM, consider a –2 to –5 penalty
depending on the degree of difficulty.
3 rd level spell The spell lasts for 1 hour.


Well-made Rapier
5x Daggers.
Change of (nice!) clothes.



Chronicle Aronhiawakhon