Thorbardin is a dwarven nation located in southwestern Ansalon and is bordered by the nations of Qualinesti to the north, Plains of Dust to the east, and Kharolis to the south. The major geographical features of Thorbardin is the Kharolis Mountains which is most of the nation, the Plains of Dergoth which is a barren wasteland, the Urkhan Sea which is located inside of Thorbardin, and the Valley of Thanes.

The Dwarven realm of Thorbardin not only refers to the kingdom under Cloudseeker Mountain, but also much of the land surrounding the Kharolis Mountains.

In the year 2150 PC, Colin Stonetooth and his Hylar Dwarf followers left Thoradin and migrate to what they believe was Kal-Thax. Stonetooth united the waring tribes of the Daewar, Theiwar, Daergar, Klar, Aghar, and Einar to begin the building of the mountain stronghold of Thorbardin on the moutain Cloudseeker in 2148 PC. Colin named it Thorbardin in ‘honor of the past, and the future’.

Shortly after the building of Thorbardin, wizards of the newly formed Wizards of High Sorcery tried build the Tower of High Sorcery at Kal-Thax. The dwarf Damon Omenborn led a small group against the wizards and captured the Stone of Threes that was needed to build the tower. So began the Wizard’s War, in which the wizards tried to attack Thorbardin and the dwarves were able to repel the invaders.

After the completion of Thorbardin, the dwarves began to get bored with their lives, since jobs were now scarce. So began the Dark Ages of Thorbardin. While this was going on, the Empire of Ergoth invaded and took control of most of Thorbardin’s territory outside the main fortress, using many of Thorbardin’s citizens as slave labor. Luckily, a slave by the name of Derkin Winterseed broke free from slavery and then proceeded to free the many thousands of dwarves in slavery. He then led them on a series of battles to free Thorbardin’s lands from the humans. In the Winter of 2073 PC, Derkin finally defeats the Empire of Ergoth’s forces at Klanath with the help of their elven allies led by Kith-Kanan. Thorbardin joins with Qualinesti and the Empire of Ergoth in the signing of the Swordsheath Scroll.

During the Third Dragon War, the dwarves from Thorbardin assisted in building the High Clerist’s Tower. The dwarves created a death trap for dragons that attacked the tower. For this, the Knights of Solamnia grant mining rights to the dwarves in the Garnet Mountains in 980 PC. The dwarves then built the city of Garnet and the kingdom of Kayolin. 32 years later, Thorbardin also founds the a hill dwarf kingdom named Hillow.

Following the Cataclysm, the dwarves of Thorbardin made the decision to close their gates to all refugees, sealing themselves under the mountain.

In 39 AC, due to starvation and strife, humans and hill dwarves united under the feared evil wizard Fistandantilus and demanded entry into Thorbardin to have access to their food. The mountain dwarves of Thorbardin refused, and war erupted between the two factions. Hill dwarves and humans captured the fortress of Pax Tharkas, but when they met the mountain dwarves on the field of battle at the fortress of Zhaman, a spell cast by Fistandantilus destroyed both armies, killing thousands.


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