In the central heart of Abanasinia, bordered on one side by the lovely Crystalmir Lake, lies the hamlet of Solace. A crossroads between the Lordcity of Haven and the elven realm of Qualinesti, it receives a healthy number of travelers and visitors through it. Solace has long been ruled by an elected mayor and town council. It is defended by a town watch who are led by a high sheriff.

Presently, the city is ruled by elected mayor and notable Seeker High Theocrat Hederick.

A couple of well known structures lie in Solace, such as the Inn of the Last Home.

The Inn of the Last Home

The Inn of the Last Home is a tavern in Solace that is famous throughout the region for its wonderful food and ale.

When Solace was first founded following the Cataclysm, it was only a few short years before a powerful man known as Krale the Strong decided to build an inn. In these early times of the Age of Despair, desperate marauders would come through the village, prompting the residents of Solace to build their homes in the trees. Krale built the base of the inn from one giant stone, which he raised into a great vallenwood tree through a winch system. Thus suspended and secured forty feet above the ground, he built the rest of the inn into the tree and around his base with the staircase running around the tree. As one would enter the inn they would see a large bean-shaped common room with the only stonework being the fireplace. The floor and ceiling was supported by the vallenwood’s smaller limbs. There was only one other exit to the building, and it was a hole in the kitchen that a rope dangled from.

Within a few years, the inn was built. Krale built the inn to last, as he considered the vallenwoods to be the “last homes of Solace”. After Krale, the inn saw a number of different owners through the next several hundred years, and by the time a young adventurer named Otik Sandath came along a decade or so ago, it was already run-down and in bad repair.

Before young Otik came into Solace, the previous owner had let the Inn go somewhat. The walls were grimy, the building itself was shabby and in need of extensive repairs. The Inn was known for serving watered down ale and food that was barely edible. When Otik offered to purchase the inn, the previous owner practically leapt at the chance and offered it to the young adventurer for a “kender half-penny”, according to the saying. Over the course of the next few months, Otik repaired the inn to become a lovely and cozy place, hiring some new staff, including a wonderful cook, and developed his own fine ale and spiced potatoes. In a short time, the Inn of the Last Home became a famous stop for travelers through Abanasinia and gained a good reputation far and wide.

Otik himself became fast friends with the residents of Solace, who knew the man as a cheerful soul, and the townsfolk were mostly all regulars in the inn. Amongst the folk who almost lived at the Inn was a circle of friends who had come to call themselves the Companions.


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