Plains of Dust

The Plains of Dust are located east of Thorbardin, south of Sable’s Swamp, and southwest of Silvanesti. The lands are nothing more than desolate deserts, plains, and badlands now, that are very harsh to all who try to cross it. The center of the Plains of Dust has a blood-red clay that forms a sort of sea of rock. Due to Beryllinthranox and Onysablet changing the landscape, the lands east of the Torath River have turned into savannahs, grasslands, trees, and creeks are growing, growth is flourishing. Before that the lands were commonly of tough grasses, indomitable shurbs, & cold-hardy cacti. The Plains of Dust are known to have fierce warriors, with many centaur tribes in the north and plainsmen in the east.

In pre-Cataclysm times, the Plains were better known as the nation of Kharolis, with Tarsis as its port city capital. However, when the Cataclysm struck Krynn it destroyed the grassy tundra, creating the barren plains.

Cities of the Plains

In Pre-Cataclysm Ansalon, Tarsis was a respected Lordcity of the realm, which was located in a heavily forested region west of the Silvanesti nation. The minor town and settlements around Tarsis all benefited with the large trade that the lordcity did with the other nations. However the Cataclysm resulted in the Lordcity of Tarsis becoming landlocked in the newly risen Plains of Dust. The nation once known as Tarsis ceased to exist at this point, and the city of Tarsis became little more than a dusty husk of it’s former self that was considered part of this arid realm.

Plains of Dust

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