Abanasinia rests near the shores of the New Sea, created after the Fiery Mountain struck Krynn. Perhaps the most relaxed region of Ansalon, the plains are home to numerous tribes of plains barbarians, as well as the cities of Solace, Haven, Gateway and at least one hill dwarf community. Whilst the region is best known for it’s wide and verdant plains, it also has a number of city states dotted throughout. Those from Abanasinia are called Abanasinian.

The tree town of Solace, where the Companions first met, is located here. Here also is the Inn of the Last Home. North of Solace are the shores of Crystalmir Lake, and southwest of the lake are the boughs of Darken Wood, where the living dare not enter. Its borders are protected by a legion of undead soldiers, and the wood is governed by the mysterious Forestmaster.

To the east lie the grassy plains, home of the barbarian tribes. If one ventures eastward further, the plains gradually become a huge swamp, which houses the ruins of Xak Tsaroth.

Abanasinia is perhaps the most sheltered of the many regions of Ansalon: with Thorbardin, the Kharolis Mountains and the Neidar Dwarf (hill dwarf) communities to its south, the swamps of Xak Tsaroth, the Eastwall Mountains and New Sea to the east, the Straits of Schallsea to the north and Qualinesti to the west, Abanasinia is well protected.

Prior to the Cataclysm, the land which would become known as Abanasinia was ruled by the tribes of the plains. While the Cataclysm had very little impact on the land itself, it did see the majority of the tribes turn from the gods and instead revert to ancestor and totem worship as their primary religion.

Many towns were founded along the new coastlines of Abanasinia, and more extensive trade routes were established between the towns of the region. Goblins and bandits preyed on merchant caravans, building a profitable mercenary industry in the region.

The disappearance of the gods led to a new religion based on false gods known as the Seekers which sprouted in Abanasinia. The Seekers have formed a theocracy in the region and rule several towns, basing their headquarters in Haven.

Cities and Villages in Abanasinia

  • Haven – Unofficial Capital
  • Ankatavaka
  • Crossing
  • Digfel
  • Esker
  • Gateway
  • Goodbay
  • Long Ridge
  • Munston
  • New Ports
  • North Keep
  • Qué-Han
  • Qué-Shu
  • Qué-Talic
  • Qué-taw
  • Ravenvale
  • Sad Town
  • Solace
  • Staughton
  • Tantallon
  • Windy Vale
  • Zaradene

Geographical Features

  • Abanasinian Plains
    The Abanasinian Plains are a land of many fertile pastures located in Abanasinia. The plainsmen tribes live here, including the Qué-Shu, Qué-Han, and Qué-Talic, along with the other tribes united under them.
  • Cursed Lands of Newsea
    The Cursed Lands of Newsea lies between the Eastwall Mountains and ends in a 1,000 foot cliff into the Newsea to the east. The canopy of the Ironclaw forest covers the land and keeps it in darkness. A smell of metallic sourness fills the air of this jungle from the green algae covered waters that engulf the swampland. Ferns and vines cover the many soggy islands that sit in the still waters, along with the hazards of deathmirk Located on the far east side of Abanasinia, this area is known for hosting the ruins of Xak Tsaroth.
  • Dire Wood
    Dire Wood is located near the far southeast coast of Abanasinia. Stretching from Xak Tsaroth, along the eastern side of the Eastwall Mountains and falling short of running the length of the mountain range.

The Seekers called the forest The Unnameable, Barbarians called it the Trap.

A part of the ancient Ergothian highway can be found running north to south along the eastern edge of the forest. Home to swarms of ghosts the woods also contain many exotic and rare plants, some of which are main components to magic potions.

  • Eastwall Mountains
    The Eastwall Mountains or Forsaken Mountains are located on the eastern border of Abanasinia and divide the Plains from the coast. The elevation is not that of other, mightier ranges— only a few peaks peer out of the conifer and aspen heavy forest. The rugged terrain is home to many animals ranging from Deer, Elk, Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goats, Mountain Lions, Mules and Wolves. Many of the mountains streams and rivers feed the Cursed Lands.

Before the Cataclysm these mountains where traveled by traders coming and going from Xak Tsaroth to the western lands of Abanasinia using Sageway East through Forsaken Pass. But since the cataclysm few have ventured to these mountains, including the plainsmen who rarely hunt here due to Owlbears making it their home.

  • Forsaken Pass
    Forsaken Pass is a route that runs from the Abanasinia Plains to the west, through the Eastwall Mountains and out into the Cursed Lands in the east. Sageway East runs a long this pass, but it is covered in grass, weeds and is deteriorated.

The pass is roughly 7 miles and heavily wooded with conifer and aspen trees. Long this path towards the eastern end is the ruins of a ancient dwarven fortress. Most of the building is rubble, but dwarven runes of protection and blessing can be found on the stones.

  • Gateway Pass
    The Gateway Pass is the only known path through the Kharolis Mountains from Solace to Gateway.
  • Prayer’s Eye Peak
    Prayer’s Eye Peak is a mountain that looks like two praying hands from afar, and is rumored to be the place where Paladine guided Huma Dragonbane in the form of a white stag. This peak is the tallest mountain of the Sentinel Peaks and is near to Solace.
  • Sentinel Peaks
    The Sentinel Peaks is the name for the northern fork of the Kharolis Mountains, and is comprised mostly of small ridges. These peaks are dwarfed by the larger mountains to the south, and have several key passes in them to enable travelers to move further southward. The passes tend to snow over in the colder seasons, and can often become blocked. The closest of these peaks to Solace is known as Prayer’s Eye Peak.
  • Shadow Canyon
    The Shadow Canyon is a canyon located between Crystalmir Lake and Haven in the Sentinel Peaks.
  • Solace Vale
    The Solace Vale is a valley that lies among the Sentinel Peaks between Solace and Haven. The Haven Road cuts through here as the fastest route between the two cities. The vale is known for its abundant forests, with Vallenwood Trees, Thistlebrush, Greenwall, and Tangleshoot Vines all present.
  • White-Rage River
    The White-Rage River, also called Whiterage, is a river that runs through Abanasinia before draining out into the New Sea. It is known to have only one bridge that crosses it.


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