Tika Waylan

Otik's adopted daughter and barmaid


Tika Waylan Majere was born the daughter of the magician known as Alleran Waylan and one of Otik Sandath’s barmaids.

She is the daughter of a part-time Illusionist and full-time Thief who disappeared, leaving her to fend for herself. She had run wild for much of her life, and took up thieving until the law caught her. Otik Sandeth, owner of the Inn of the Last Home, took her in and adopted her, trying to give her a skill that didn’t have to do with thievery.

Tika began work as a barmaid for her adopted father Otik in 346 AC, at the age of fourteen. She’s always had a fascination with magic, and greatly admires Arastine Hawklight’s ability to use it.

Tika Waylan

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