Otik Sandath

Retired adventurer and jovial owner of the Inn of the Last Home


Otik Sandath became famous as the master ale-maker and innkeeper of the Inn of the Last Home. A portly man who enjoys life and pleasing those around him, he is most often described as a merry soul, short of stature, wide of girth, with a cheerful smile.

In Otik’s younger days, he tried his hand at being an adventurer, but found a life of violence was not to his liking. Through working several jobs, he saved up enough money and decided to run his own inn, as he had found several inns on the road whilst he was adventurer, and enjoyed that lifestyle. Settling down in Solace in 319 AC, he purchased an old rundown inn from a female hill dwarf for a ‘kender half-penny’, which he renamed to the Inn of the Last Home.

Otik took great pleasure in creating the best food and drink possible for his customers, and was known to give free food and drink to those in need. The Inn of the Last Home became a popular destination for travellers of all kinds, and all were made welcome. Otik created famed dishes such as Otik’s Spiced Potatoes, which were known as something of a delicacy by many folks far and wide.

An Adopted Daughter

In his early years as innkeep, he caught a young thief who was stealing from his customers. Otik discerned that the young girl, who was the daughter of a disreputable magician called Alleran Waylan, did not know right from wrong. He took it upon himself to set the girl straight, first hiring her to serve as a barmaid in his inn, and after some time he then adopted the young girl Tika Waylan.

Otik finds that it’s best to create his famous ale while up in the tree. Once he tried making it down below, but when he rolled it up the stairs the yeast took another month before it would settle down and he was laid up in pain for three days. Otik was also known to try and stay away from anything to do with magic, and liked to dance when he was younger.

Otik Sandath

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