Keltrenalisarnia Starglance

Resurrected prophet of Mishakal


NAME: Keltrenalisarnia Starglance
RACE: Qualinesti
CLASS: Cleric
Armor ClassPhysical DefenseMental Defense
Hit PointsRecoveriesRecovery Roll
Melee1d20 + 64d6 + 24
Ranged1d20 + 54d6 + 10
One Unique ThingIcon Relationships
Cursed to wander in madness by Porthios Kanan, Speaker of the Sun.Light of the Gods: Positive 1
Speaker of the Sun: Conflicted 1
Dragonarmy: Negative 1
Dark Priest: Negative 3
The Believer: Positive 1
BackgroundsClass Features
Shepherd of Cute Woodland Creatures 2Bonus Spell: HEAL – Twice per battle, you or a target next to you can heal using a recovery.
Healer Extraordinaire 3Ritual Magic
Resurrected Prophet 3


Invocations can be used once per day as a quick action. The same invocation cannot be used more than once by a side in the battle.
When you cast a spell that lets you or an ally heal using a recovery, the target also adds hit points equal to double your level to the recovery. Invocation: This battle, you gain an additional use of the HEAL spell. The first HEAL spell you cast after using this invocation allows the target to heal using a free recovery instead of spending a recovery.
You and your nearby allies gain a +1 bonus to death saves. Invocation: This battle, you and each of your allies can each separately add the escalation die to a single save made by that character. In addition, you and your allies do not die from hit point damage when your negative hit points equal half your normal hit points; instead you die when your negative hit points equal your full hit points.
Once per battle, you can affect two additional allies when you cast a spell for broad effect. Invocation: This battle, critical hits against you and your nearby allies deal normal damage instead of critical damage.


1Heal Class Adventurer Feat
The target can now be a nearby ally instead of an ally next to you.
2Life Domain Adventurer Feat
The death save bonus increases to +2.
3Javelin of Faith Adventurer Feat
The spell also deals +1d6 damage against an undamaged target. At 5th level, that increases to +2d6 damage; at 8th level it increases to +4d6 damage.
4Healing Domain Adventurer Feat
When casting a spell to allow an ally to heal using a recovery, they can use one of yours instead or (because you have the Protection Domain) a recovery belonging to any nearby ally.


RacialElven Grace
At the start of each of your turns, roll a die to see if you get an extra standard action. If your roll is equal to or lower than the escalation die, you get an extra action that turn. At the start of battle, you roll a d6. Each time you successfully gain an extra action, the size of the die you roll increases by one step on the following progression: d6, d8, d10, d12, d20. If you get an extra action after rolling a d20, you can’t get any more extra actions that battle.
First Level Spells
Spirits of the Righteous
Roll WISDOM + LEVEL (6) v. MD. If it hits, one nearby enemy takes 7d6 + WISDOM (3) holy damage, and a nearby ally gains +4 bonus to AC until the end of the next turn. If you miss, a nearby ally with the fewest HP remaining gains a +2 bonus to AC until the start of your next turn.
Third Level Spells
Strength of the Gods [Quick Action]
One nearby ally deals +2d8 damage with melee attacks for this battle (for power) or up to three nearby creatures (including self) deals +1d8 damage with melee attacks this battle.
Divine Endurance [Quick Action]
One nearby ally gains 40 temporary hit points (for power) or up to three nearby creatures (including self) can gain 20 temporary hit points.
Roll WISDOM + LEVEL (6) v. MD. If it hits, all nearby staggered enemies take 5d10 + WISDOM (3) holy damage. If it misses, they take holy damage equal to level (3).
Mighty Healing
One nearby ally can heal using a single recovery and regain double the usual number of hit points (for power) or each of three targets including self can heal using a recovery (for broad effect).
Combat Boon
Make a basic melee attack. If the attack hits, you or one conscious nearby ally can roll a save against a save ends effect.


Keltrenalisarnia Starglance

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