Bishop Madri

World-wise archer haunted by prophetic visions.


NAME: Bishop Madri
RACE: Half Elf
CLASS: Seeker/Commander
LEVEL: “4”
Armor ClassPhysical DefenseMental Defense
Hit PointsRecoveriesRecovery Roll
melee+ 74d8 + 33
ranged+ 84d10 + 43
One Unique ThingIcon Relationships
I hear voices that tell me the truth.Knights of Solamnia: Conflicted 1
League of Adventurers: Positive 2
BackgroundsClass Features
Seeker of Ancient Secrets 5+RELENTLESS HUNTER
Former Ranger 4+ -Ranged Basic damage 1d10
Mercenary Troubleshooter 1+-Keen Hunter boon
Once an outlaw 2+Commands
Son of a bartender +1Tactics
Weigh the Odds
Fight from the Front


Seeker: Knowledge Seeker
You gain the Seeker background (or some similar equivalent that fits with your character’s story) at its
maximum bonus of +5, without having to spend normal background points on it. Unlike a ranger with the
Tracker talent, you can only seek out lore, knowledge, or arcana.
Seeker: Cunning Stalker
When you roll initiative, you can designate the most dangerous non-mook foe as your quarry until the end
of the battle or until it drops. Your crit range on quarry is +2, and you gain +2 to hit against it. In addition, you
can always spend a move action to learn the approximate location of your quarry. While you have an enemy
quarried, you take -2 to hit other enemies.
Spirit Boon: Retribution Shot. Use this boon as a quick action. Until the end of the battle, you gain a
bonus to damage rolls equal to your Constitution modifier + your level, multiplied by
the number of times your quarry has damaged you with an attack this battle.
This multiplier increases as your quarry continues to attack you.

Commander: Strategist
You rely on perception, intuition, and common sense as a
commander instead of charismatic presence. Any time an element
of the commander class refers to Charisma, you can replace that
element with a reference to Wisdom.
In addition, one battle per day, you can reroll your initiative
if you don’t like the first result. You must take the re-rolled result.


1Precise Shot
Attacks at engaged enemies will no longer hit allies.
2Relentless Hunter- Adventurer
Seeker ranged basic attacks may now target PD instead of AC
3 Cunning Stalker- Adventurer
Seeker attacks against quarry target have a crit range of 17
4Deflecting Shot- Adventuer
If the enemy’s next attack against AC or PD is a natural odd roll, it takes half damage from its own attack.


Once per battle, subtract one from the natural result of
one of your own d20 rolls
Follow-up Strike (crusader)Inevitable Shot (High Druid)
Flexible melee or ranged attack
Triggering Roll: Natural 16+ hit
Effect: After resolving your first attack, make another
basic attack against the target you hit.
Flexible ranged attack
Triggering Roll: Natural even miss
Effect: Instead of dealing miss damage, reroll the
attack against a different target near the first.
Deflecting Shot
Flexible ranged attack
Triggering Roll: Any odd roll
Effect: The target’s next attack against an ally’s AC or PD does half damage.
Arrow of FateResourceful Stalker
Use this spirit boon when you miss with a rerolled attack
with this trick shot. Deal one die of WEAPON damage per
point on the escalation die to a third enemy that wasn’t
either of the original targets. This can exceed your normal
WEAPON damage by up to two dice.
Use this boon as a standard action. You can use one
adventurer-tier trick shot you know; the initial target of
the trick shot must be your quarry.
Keen Hunter
Use this boon when you hit with a ranged or thrown weapon.
One target you hit is vulnerable until the end of your next turn.
TacticsBasic Tactical StrikeEnforce Clarity
Quick Action * Recharge 11 after battle
Target: One Ally
Effect: The target may make a basic attack as a free action.
Quick Action * Recharge 16 after battle
Target: One Nearby Ally
Effect: One non-last-gasp effect on the target ends
(including ones that don’t require a save)
CommandsRally NowTry Again
Interrupt * 1 command point
Target: One nearby ally on their turn
Special: Spend an extra CP to target unconscious ally
Effect: Target can rally as a free action this turn.
If it’s their 2nd+ rally, they still need to succeed on the save.)
Interrupt Action * 2 command points
Target: One nearby ally that made an attack roll (on their turn)
Effect: The target can reroll the attack but must use the new result.
Save Now!Hit Harder
Interrupt action * 1 command point
Target: One nearby ally (on the ally’s turn)
Effect: The target can roll a save against a save ends effect
Interrupt action * Cost: 1 command point
Target: One nearby ally who hits with an attack (on the ally’s turn)
Effect: The target can reroll any of the damage dice. They must
accept the rerolled result.



Wyrmslayer Sword
Haughty weapon- when you attack the most dangerous enemy in an encounter, you deal +1d4 damage per tier to it.
-Quirk: challenges others to improvised contests.

Bishop Madri

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